Oceans cover the majority of our planet, yet we know less about them than we do outer space. Only the technological advances of the past century have allowed us to explore parts of the sea so deep even the sun can no longer reach them. Every voyage uncovers numerous new species of fish, crustaceans, and cephalopods, many of which can produce their own light, much like fireflies, through a phenomenon known as bioluminescence. It seems that the deeper you go, the weirder things get, and the 15 freaky creatures below are proof that nature plays by its own rules.

Benthic Holothurian

Found at depths of approximately 12,000 feet beneath the Atlantic Ocean, this variant of the sea cucumber functions as a vacuum for the ocean floor, finding digestible material in the silt.

Acorn Worm

One of the most plentiful deep-sea creatures, there are about 90 specific species of Acorn Worm (family Enteropneusta). Though their average size is between 3.5 and 17 inches in length, some have been found longer than 5 feet. Like their landlubbing counterparts, earthworms, Acorn Worms feed by ingesting soil or sand, sifting out the organic matter, and depositing the rest back onto the ocean floor.

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