On April 1st, 2015, Groupon reminded the world that not only are they a reputable company, but that they also employ people with humor. The company announced on their Facebook that the Banana Bunker, an item used to protect bananas while traveling, was back on their website. Fans of the company immediately took notice of the inappropriate shape of the object and a Groupon employee wittingly took charge in the best April Fools troll yet.

How It All Began

It all started with this post on Facebook. Groupon shared this post announcing that the Banana Bunker was available on their website for purchase. Fans immediately began to make comments and ask questions.

Banana Too Curvy? No Problem!

This user asked if all bananas could fit in this container or if it is one size fits all. Groupon was quick to note that the item is flexible to suit every banana’s needs.

But, Is It Effective?

One customer asked about the effective rate of the item. It is very important to know just how much protection the Banana Bunker will offer. Groupon assured them that there was a 99.9% protection rate to ease everyone’s minds.

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