2015 will mark the nineteenth year of the death of Rap music’s most prolific artist. It also marks the nineteenth year that his killer, or killers, have gone unpunished. While Tupac Shakur’s death may be the one that people remember the most, with several documentaries being made that explore the known circumstances that took place that fateful night in 1996, there have been many other rappers that, just like Tupac, have been cut down right as their stars were beginning to shine bright and no one has been brought to justice for their murders. The oldest unsolved case goes all the way back to August of 1987. The rappers on this list were as young as 19 years old at the time of their death and as old as 37; with most of them passing on in their twenties. This list looks at the 15 most notorious unsolved murders of up and coming rap stars, all of whom penned lyrics glamorizing the thug lifestyle that may have lead to their demise.

15. Fat Pat (Patrick Lamark Hawkins) Died Feb 3, 1998 – 27

Hawkins was an up-and-coming rapper from Houston, TX, who was a member of DEA (Dead End Alliance) with his brother John “Big Hawk” Hawkins, DJ Screw, and Kay-K. They were all original members of the group Screwed Up Click. Hawkins was believed to have been visiting the apartment of a promoter to collect an appearance fee. The promoter apparently was not at home at the time and Hawkins decided to come back later. As he was exiting the complex, he was fatally shot in the outside complex corridor. That same year, his song “Tops Drop” reached No. 5 on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart. His brother, rapper Big Hawk, would also be gunned down eight years later. Wreckshop Records released Hawkin’s first two albums, “Ghetto Dreams” and “Throwed In Da Game” in 1998 after his death. Hawkins’ murder still remains unsolved.

14. Seagram (Seagram Miller) ? Died July 31, 1996 – 26

Seagram Miller was from East Oakland’s 69 Ville housing projects and became the first West Coast rapper to be signed to the Houston based label Rap-A-Lot Records. Details about the death of Miller are still sketchy but what is known is that he and another rapper, Gangsta P, was shot as they were exiting a van in an area in East Oakland, CA, known for violence and drug trafficking, by an unknown assailant(s). Gangsta P’s injuries, while serious, were nonfatal. Miller suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the body and was taken to Highland Hospital, where he died about an hour after the 8:15 pm shooting. Miller released three albums during his short lifetime, the first one, entitled “The Dark Roads” released in 1992. The second, entitled “Reality Check”, released in 1994. His final album released in 1997, a year after his death, and was called “Souls On Ice”. The killing still remains unsolved.

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