In the world of flowers, you’ve probably heard of the usual: roses, tulips, daisies, wildflowers, hydrangeas and peonies. These are stunning, but common. They also seem “normal” and friendly. However, this can’t be said for all flowers though. There are many flowers that look like typical and familiar things, but flowers would not be one of them!

Get ready — these flowers are bizarre, strange, scary, adorable, entertaining and shocking. And yes, some happen to be devastatingly beautiful, too!

Did You Pay For Those?

Have you heard of Hooker’s Lips (Psychotria elata)? Trust me, no one’s being insulted here. It’s just the name of a very beautiful flower from Columbia, Costa Rica and Panama. And it has bracts (leaves that produce very small flowers) that look like the kind of lips everyone is spending a fortune on these days. It’s only good for a smooch for a few days though, after which the “lips” part and reveal tiny flowers inside. Pucker up!

No Need To Hush Little Baby

These might be one of the sweetest flowers in the whole wide world, not because of their scent, but because the flowers look just like Swaddled Babies (Anguloa Uniflora). Inside the “blanket” is what appears to be the face of a baby. Found in the Andes Mountains in Columbia, these sweet things can be adored, but will not keep you up all night!

Peas Or Aliens?

The Desert Pea (Swainsona Formosa) is one strange and beautiful flower. It grows wild in Australia, but before you schedule a trip and think about grabbing some of these, stop! It’s illegal to pick these without the Australian government’s consent. Besides, they are striking in appearance, but look more like a pack of aliens waiting to abduct you than they do a pea. Or flower for that matter.

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