Looking for inspiration or advice from Pinterest is like looking for the meaning of life at the bottom of a bottle, it is only going to give you warped results. If you are looking at Pinterest simply as a source of hilarity, then you will find plenty of reasons to make you smile. Here is a list of 15 quotes that pose as inspirational insights, but should be taken as seriously as a clown at a children’s birthday party:

Two Ways To Get Enough

This quote is a testament to the idea of commodification. Why should a person have to want more or want less? Instead, we should have a quote that makes us question why we want anything at all.

Life Is A Reflection Of Bad Choices

According to this poster, we all have a say regarding where we are born, whom we are born to, when we are born and how many limbs we are born with! Not everything in life is a reflection of poor decision making, sometimes people are just dealt a horrid hand.

A Woman’s Dress

Why should we have to box the idea of women’s clothing? Referring to a woman’s body as ‘the view’ is just about as sexist as sexist can get, even if it is coming from a woman.

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