According to Dr. R.J. Sullivan, a researcher at the University of Auckland, mind alteration may have been an important development in human evolution. “Humans have shared a co-evolutionary relationship with psychoactive plant substances for millions of years.” He said. So, if people have been using drugs since the dawn of man, it stands to reason our best and brightest have engaged in the practice, too. Indeed, brilliant minds from Andy Warhol to Francis Crick positively relied on them to do their best work. And it’s certainly no secret that celebrities use them, too. Oftentimes, they don’t even try to hide it. Award winning actor Morgan Freeman once advised: “Never give up the ganja!

Sometimes the drugs a person prefers speaks to their character, personality, work, or outlook on life. Read on to discover what drugs influential figures from modern history preferred.

​Andy Warhol: Adderall

The renowned pop artist Andy Warhol relied on a diet pill called Obetrol, which kept him awake and alert when working long into the night. Today, the basic formula for the now defunct drug brand is duplicated as Adderall. It’s a stimulant often abused by college students and business professionals who want lots of energy but very little “high”.

Adolf Hitler: Meth

A nasty drug for a nasty person. Adolf Hitler’s doctor regularly shot him up with barbiturate tranquilizers, morphine, bull semen, and concentrated methamphetamine. Meth makes users energetic and paranoid, however we’re not too sure what the bull semen was supposed to do.

Benjamin Franklin: Opium

In the later years of his life, American statesman Benjamin Franklin regularly ingested opium to relieve his kidney pain. His failing health never stopped him from being an incurable ladies man, however.

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