Virtually every kid in the Western world grew up with Legos. They were colorful, fun, and creative. Everyone who had some had fond memories with Lego–and could also relate to the pain when you stepped on one — ouch!

Growing up, we have probably built a lot of stuff with Legos–houses, cars, spaceships, to name a few. As we hit puberty, we stopped playing and completely forgot about them. They say Lego is just child’s play–but these 15 hacks prove that Lego can be just as useful to adults, as well. After you learn these awesome hacks, maybe it’s time to raid the toy box again?

Lego iPhone Dock

Make a cool phone dock out of Legos. It’s easy and handy!

Lego Plant Pots

Make funky geometrical designed Lego pots for your plants.

Lego Card Holder

If you’re super lazy, you can create a holder for your cards or Scrabble tiles.

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