Everyone has dealt with weight gain at some point in their lives. Putting on weight can greatly affect an individual’s feeling of self-worth and confidence. With the media fat-shaming everyone above 150 pounds and revering eating disorders nowadays, it’s no surprise why people see weight gain as a mortal sin.

Packing on some pounds can happen to everyone — even to our favorite celebrities too. Pregnancy, movie roles, love for beer — these are just some examples on why our Hollywood stars gain weight. Celebs could afford all the physical trainers, premium gym memberships and dietitians, but cutting down some inches can still be difficult. While some celebrities were able to bounce back to a healthier weight; others have not. Here are 14 of our favorite celebs who have dramatically gained weight.

Britney Spears

In the 90’s, everyone lusted for Britney Spears — blonde hair, cherubic lips and an hour-glass figure. She then sabotaged her career with several run-ins with the law, rehabs, and unsuccessful marriages.

Since her comeback, she’s reportedly gained 30 pounds on her Las Vegas show. Nothing wrong with gaining some weight… Britney is still beautiful, but she could change her wardrobe and show less of her midriff.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson first rose to fame after becoming the first person to win American Idol. Today she has been criticized for her weight gain. She says she is comfortable about her body and shrugs off the nasty criticisms about her weight. “We are who we are, whatever size.” she said in The Ellen Show.

Vince Vaughn

Once known for his good looks and hot bod, Vince Vaughn now proudly sports the typical dadbod. The funny man is still getting roles from big films with beautiful love interests, so why would he worry?

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