Have you ever watched a television show and wondered how in the world the main character was managing to hook up with someone so obviously out of their league? This is thanks to the phenomenon that is known as being so ugly, they’ve gone all the way around and actually come out attractive. There’s more than a few of these people, especially guys, who have managed to hit the mountaintop when it comes to this level of ugly. We’ve brought you 13 of them, check them out and gaze in both horror and wonder.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch is what we’ve termed “British handsome.” This basically means he’s actually sort of odd looking, but manages to pull it off.

Russell Brand

Look at that picture of Russell Brand. Now wrap your head around the fact that he was married to Katy Perry. Also keep in mind that in Forgetting Sarah Marshall he was cast as a guy who stole Kristen Bell away from someone. The ladies clearly love him.

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson made a pretty good run at being the posterchild for this list. Clearly his surfer boy-esque laid back attitude and the fact that he always plays the “sensitive guy” brings up the handsomeness quota and makes up for the nose that looks like it’s been broken 407 times.

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