Long haul flights can be incredibly boring. Sure, to pass the time you can read a book, watch a couple of movies, or have a snooze (if you can manage it in the tiny space you have). But we all know there’s no better way to pass the time than with some good old fashioned fun, and you can create your own simply by annoying your fellow passengers. It’s so easy that people do it every day without even trying, so take your tips from other annoying passengers and imagine how much fun you can have if you do it on purpose!

Overhead Baggage War

Everyone is going to come onto the plane with more baggage than they should, and those overhead compartments can only fit so much. So make sure you push past people to get on there first and stake your claim. Not only that, make sure you put it in a compartment that’s a few rows away from yours to really throw people off. Then sit back and watch the fun as people in that row try to shove their bags in around yours, while they look around and wonder where on earth that bag came from! And remember, always bring your biggest bag.

Sit In The Wrong Seat

You know without a doubt which seat you’re in. It’s on your boarding pass in great big type, and the cabin crew even read it out to you as you board the plane. But a bit of fun chaos can be easily created if you just ‘happen’ to read it incorrectly and sit in the wrong seat. You can already imagine the confused expression on the face of the guy who is actually supposed to sit there, and see him squirm as he tries to figure out how to politely tell you to move. There’s at least five minutes of fun there, and you haven’t even taken off yet!

Make A Friend

Now that you’re settled in your rightful seat, it’s time to make friends with the people around you. You know that guy who has the headphones on and is pretending to sleep? He wants a friend more than anyone. So feel free to interrupt his sleeping and his audio books to have a good chat about your ex-girlfriend or the job you hate, because you know that’s how he really wants to spend his time. Don’t forget to ask if you can friend him on Facebook before you disembark!

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