Dozens of researchers around the world are coming up with different explanations regarding the behaviors of your most beloved cat. Some compare them to dogs, while others try to prove just how smart these cute little creatures are, but most just end up distracted by their soft fur. However, we’ve managed to see beyond the cuteness of cats and what we saw was quite scary and frightening. As we took a dive into the deeper, darker corners of a cat’s mind, we saw that the only true entity a cat could be compared to, when it comes to behavior, is the so-called Overly Attached Girlfriend/Boyfriend. That’s right! Here are 12 Signs, which show your cat is worse than an overly attached lover.

Your Cat Watches You Sleep

Every cat owner is aware that while they are enjoying a comfortable night’s rest, their pets are wide awake. While some would argue that an overly attached girlfriend/boyfriend watches you sleep as well, cats tend to go a step further. In most cases unknowingly to you, your cat will put its paws on every part of your body, until it finds the most comfortable spot. Then, without hesitation, the cute furry creature will lay on top of you, to be certain that you won’t get away. Furthermore, a cat will often mess up your hair and even leave a scratch mark or two on your body, so everyone could know that you’ve spent your night with someone special.

Cats Require You To Share Your Food With Them

Overly attached girlfriends/boyfriends are quite annoying, but they rarely require you to do anything else except exist. Cats, on the other hand, are not that well-mannered. Even if you feed it well, a cat won’t be satisfied, until it has taken a bite off of whatever you are eating. You may think that they do that just because they love food and the smell of it, but you’d be wrong. If you are eating, be sure that your cat is right in front of your hands, just so you can share your food with them. Why? Everything that goes into your mouth, they must taste as well. Now how’s that for overly attached?

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