Call it a curse, an act of God or just bad luck; but sometimes despite how things seem on the outside, some of our favorite movies didn’t go quite as smoothly as we may think. From near drownings, to broken ribs and in extreme situations even death, the glamorous world of Hollywood isn’t always so glamorous. Surprisingly even some major blockbusters had deadly incidents on the set that many of us never even heard about — at least not until now. Take a look at some of your favorite new and even classic films and find out what really went on behind the scenes.

Roar – 1981

This movie took over ten years to make and the issues that went on during filming is a clear indication of why.

Throw in an overzealous director, Noel Marshall and his wife, along with their children (one being a young Melanie Griffith). Then add over 150 wild animals, such as cheetahs, leopards, lions and tigers, all of whom they actually lived with and then you might start to envision the chaos.

During filming, untrained animals were allowed to roam freely around a terrified cast and crew, many of whom reportedly spent the movie narrowly escaping death.

Actors and crew members were repeatedly clawed, mauled and bitten by animals while others suffered broken bones, gangrene, and other ailments.

Even the movie’s tagline gives a clear indication of the madness on set, it reads “No animals were harmed in the making of this film. 70 cast and crew members were.”

Titanic – 1997

Titanic is one of the most heart melting love stories of our time, but reports are that the film’s success came at a high price. Nine serious accidents happened during filming which resulted in fractured cheekbones, cracked ribs, plastered ankles and even a splenectomy.

The film’s lead actress, Kate Winslet, even complained that she almost drowned twice. Due to these troubling reports, the Screen Actors Guild even traveled to Mexico (one of the locations where the movie was filmed) to conduct an investigation.

The Sword Of Tipu Sultan – 1990

This critically acclaimed Indian film was based on a best-selling novel by author Bhagwan Gidwani. However, the movie made history in India not because of its excellent storyline or casting, but because it was the direct cause of probably the most deaths ever recorded on a single set.

On a fateful day in 1990, loose wiring, no exhaust, no ventilation, and walls constructed without fireproof material plus 49 degrees temperature, led to an uncontrollable blaze. As a result, 62 crew members were killed while other crew members, including the director, suffered serious burns and spent almost a year in the hospital.

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