Lefties Have More Insomnia Issues

There have been a number of studies that show lefthanders are more likely to have sleep disorders like Insomnia. It’s thought that people are left handed because there was some kind of trauma during birth and that trauma might also be the cause of the sleep disorders. Whatever the reason, lefties have a harder time getting a good night’s sleep on average.

Lefties Were Big Heroes in the Bible

The bible went out of its way to mention what hand some of its biggest heroes used to smite their enemies. Benjamin is mentioned several times as a big time butt kicker. Ehud, was actually an assassin hand picked by God to fight the King of Moab was also a southpaw.

Lefties Have More Allergies

Lefties are allergic to more things and those allergies are more intense. This doesn’t just mean hay fever or allergies to certain pollens. This also means lefties are more likely to be allergic to certain fabrics and foods.

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