While we do have some great English words; the language is one of the most comprehensive, after all. But, after you read about these foreign words, you’ll see just how limited English is. Surely there are times you’re trying to explain a situation, or find yourself at a loss for words while expressing yourself. Check out these words below and see just how awesome it would be to have some of these to choose from!

Age-Otori (Japan)

If you’ve just visited the hair salon and then meet up with your friends for lunch, and they say “age-otori” when you see them, it is not a compliment. Age-otori means one who looks worse after a haircut. Unfortunately, you’ve probably been in the wrong salon chair at the wrong time and know all too well how this feels.

Kummerspeck (German)

Ever been dumped and sat home and cried with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s on a Saturday night? Then repeated for a few months and woke up carrying around an extra 10 pounds? Then you’ve had kummerspeck, which literally translates as ‘bacon grief’, the weight gained from emotional eating. Ha!

Pelinti (Buli, Ghana)

Have you ever accidentally taken a bite of scorching hot food, yelped, then viciously bounced the food around your mouth to keep from burning yourself while it cooled? If so, then you’ve experienced ‘pelinti’, a word the Ghanians from Buli use to describe just that!

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