While Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are still going strong at the moment, there are plenty of people saying that their divorce is all but inevitable. This isn’t a situation where people are just guessing that sooner or later the pair will dissolve the marriage. The people who think a divorce is coming say there are plenty of signs that the couple’s marriage is already on the rocks, despite the fact that they haven’t been together that long and have a child together.

Kanye Doesn’t Get Along With Kim’s Family

It might not be a surprise that people have a hard time getting along with the Kardashian clan, but when they’re your in-laws it’s a problem. Kanye’s fights with Kim’s family are well documented and can’t be good for the marriage.

Kanye’s Marriage Is Bad For His Image

While Kanye has never been someone to shy away from the spotlight, he is finding himself on tabloids more often than he could have imagined. For someone who passes himself off as a man’s man, it can be a bit hard on the rep to be on the National Inquirer over and over.

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