When you are choosing a college to attend, there are many factors that affect your decision. Majors, professors, cost, and location are some of the most recognized factors, but have you considered their sidewalks? You should because you are going to be spending a lot of time walking across campus from one building to another and from class to the parking lot or dorm. It would be wise to attend the college with the best sidewalk. Whether you are walking on a heated sidewalk that melts snow or chalking with sidewalk chalk, you will be learning and making memories to last a lifetime because you will be walking there every day. And, at the University of Arkansas after graduation, your name will be carved in the Senior Walk as a lasting tribute to your time on campus. Check out these awesome campus sidewalks before you decide to enroll.

Miami University in Ohio’s Heated Sidewalks Prevent Falls

Heated sidewalks keep students on the move to classes without the problem of slipping and sliding when snow and ice are on the ground. If you are planning to live on campus and like the idea of wearing sandals and snow boots in the same month, then Miami University, Ohio is one of the colleges you might want to visit.

Make Your Mark on the University of Arkansas’s Senior Walk

If you are looking to leave a lasting mark on a university, the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville is the school for you. Your name will be indelibly imprinted on a sidewalk after you graduate. The Senior Walk is one of the perks of being a graduate of this University, nestled high on a hill in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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