The World Wars have always been incredibly interesting, albeit very destructive, topics. The battles that took place were gory and disturbing, with men and young boys dying in muddy trenches on both sides. It took days – sometimes months – just to fight for a few yards in the midst of trench warfare. That being said, World War 1 doesn’t receive the recognition within the history books as often as World War 2, which was a much bigger conflict in comparison. We’re here to change that. Here are ten World War 1 facts that leave everyone speechless.

Plastic Surgery

The invention of plastic surgery was kickstarted by World War 1 when Harold Gillies, a surgeon, took on a case to reconstruct facial injuries following shrapnel impacts.

Invisible Ink

During the war, the British often used fresh supplies of male semen as an invisible ink to prevent the smell of the writing from being detected by the enemy.

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