Art has been evolving quite rapidly in the past few decades. There are more artists operating within various sub-genres than there have ever been in the history of the world. This level of artistic activity is bound to create a set of new mediums that no one is aware of. One of these hidden art forms is a highly controversial one that uses animals as canvases for artistic pieces. Animal rights activists say that this is a cruel form of art and needs to be avoided at all cost. Even though people are used as canvases in various art pieces, the argument remains that humans have at least provided their consent, while animals simply don’t have an option. Despite the controversy, several art pieces have emerged in this genre that are riveting. Here is a list of 10 works of art that used animals as the canvas.

Elephant Art

An annual festival in the Indian city of Jaipur revolves around decorating Elephants and pachyderms with bright colors and flowing drapes.

Horse Inside Out

Artist Gillian Higgins combines his artistic ability and anatomical knowledge to create a work of art that is called “inside out”. He paints the skeletal system and other systems of a horse on the body of the animal in order to create a fun way for people to understand anatomy, physiology and conditioning. According to the artist, this also increases the well-being and performance of the horse itself.

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