With the recent news that Playboy is to stop having nude photographs as part of its content in the future, it is a time that many people are reflecting on the once famous magazine. It gained its huge popularity not just for its nude models but also in part because of the fact that it often managed to get celebrities and other prominent figures to appear on the cover or in featured shoots. Not everyone who is asked, though, agreed to take part. Plenty of famous women have turned down an offer because they didn’t want to appear in the magazine. Here are 10 ladies who said no to Playboy.

Kate Upton

Making her name as a swimsuit model in Sports Illustrated, Kate Upton has become arguably the leading model of recent times. She has appeared in shoots for all types of magazines but has so far not chosen to do a nude session and has turned down the opportunity to work with Playboy as she feels it would not be good for her career right now.

Nelly Furtado

According to reports, Canadian singer Nelly Furtado rejected the chance to appear in the magazine despite the fact that she was offered an incredible $500,000. The request wasn’t even for the pop star to appear naked, the offer was for her to be photographed fully clothed. Furtado did say that she was tempted but didn’t want to do it as she saw it as a vanity project.

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