The Amazon is such an interesting place that many people know very little about. It is one of the most unique places on Earth because it has such a variety of different aspects to it. The Amazon is quite literally a hotbed of life because it is flowing with thousands of different plant and animal species. Not to mention, the massive deal of water that flows through the Amazon, and the multiple different Amazonian tribes that have never even come in contact with other humans before. There are many different facts about the Amazon that show what a unique and interesting place it is, and this list will hopefully open up your eyes to them!


There are believed to be over 2.5 million species of insects in the Amazon. Additionally, more than half of the world’s estimated 10 million species of plant, animal and insects are within the rainforest.

Amazonian Tribes

There are many Amazonian tribes that have never been in contact with other humans, and many scientists have advised against doing so since their ways of life are so primitive and different than ours.

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