Owning a pet has a lot of various benefits: they reduce a lot of stress, they can be our protectors and the protectors of our households, and they can reduce depression in those suffering from it. People with disabilities also benefit, as they make their lives so much easier and more fulfilling. Most people opt for a cat or a dog, but some people go a step beyond the norm and buy themselves an endangered species or a wild animal. The following 10 wild animals are legal to keep as a pet, but maybe you shouldn’t, just in case.

Squirrel Monkeys

Squirrel Monkeys are insanely adorable, but they are not known for being the cleanest or nicest of monkey species. They use their own urine to wash, for instance, which makes them rather smelly. They are still legal as pets, though.

Emperor Scorpions

Emperor Scorpions sound dangerous and are rather intimidating, and that is because they truly are. They are not the best when it comes to handling, though they are quiet and rather clean as a pet. And though they are not poisonous, the Emperor Scorpion is still painful.

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