Humans inhabit a small, green planet with one moon that orbits a yellow star with a few fellow planets not so far from us and a whole universe of stars, planets and other rocky masses years and years afar. As we investigate the more distant regions of space, we are desperately trying to find other solar systems that might support life as we know it. By investigating and researching, we are that much closer to realizing just how lucky we are to live on such a planet and just how different life could have turned out. Here are ten of the scariest and weirdest what-if scenarios that are connected to our solar system.

Mars Never Lost Its Magnetic Field

Mars once had a warm atmosphere that got destroyed when the planet lost its magnetic field. If that never happened, Mars would still have oceans and would most probably be a source of life. Mars used to have both green areas such as the Earth’s forests and the desert-like areas, matching the Earth’s Sahara in Africa.

Earth Has No Moon

Around 4.5 billion years ago, it’s thought that a Mars-sized planetary object crashed into Earth. This impact is what scientists think most likely formed the moon. However, if we didn’t have a moon, organisms would miss the benefit of using moonlight to remain active at night, the tide would not rise as the Moon affects the liquid envelope of the Earth.

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