Myths and urban legends can be a lot of fun to read and delve into, though most of them tend to be completely false in the long run. They are interesting to look into the origins, but as we just said, most of them are proven false after someone with a bit of knowledge delves in deeper. Candy, despite being one of the most incredible foods in the known world, also has a lot of myths and urban legends surrounding the chocolate and fruity goodness. Here are ten weird myths and urban legends about candy, and if you’ve got any of your own that we’ve missed, let us know!

Exploding Jawbreaker

According to MythBusters, as they managed to prove this myth true, by putting a giant jawbreaker into the microwave oven, you can effectively create a sugar grenade. The giant candy will explode from the heat.

Caffeinated Chocolate

While it is mildly true that some chocolate does have caffeine within it, the dose is only about 10 mg per ounce of chocolate. Most people don’t eat enough candy in a single sitting to have any lasting effects from the caffeine.

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