Many of us has had to deal with some weird wedding ceremonies and receptions. Whether it was our parents remarrying, a sibling getting married, or perhaps a friend or a colleague, we’ve all experienced something strange. Maybe there was a Star Wars theme where the bride and groom come in as Luke and Leia. Perhaps the ceremony setting was somewhere unconventional like a backyard. However, there are some traditions that are straight-up bizarre in other countries. Here are some of the weirdest that we could find.


The Yugur in China have a tradition where the groom shoots the bride with a bow and arrow three times. The good news is that the arrows don’t have arrowheads, but that would still hurt quite a bit.


One of the biggest tests a marriage will face is apparently keeping a straight face in the Republic of the Congo. The couple cannot smile throughout the entire ceremony, or the newlyweds won’t be taken seriously.

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