Christian people celebrate Easter as a day to commemorate resurrection of Jesus Christ whereas in other cultures it is a day to welcome spring. Easter is held on the first Sunday after the spring full moon that occurs on or after 21st day of March, following the Spring Equinox.

The celebrations throughout the world usually include attending mass and making buns, chocolates, Easter bunnies and Easter eggs. However, there are also weird customs and unusual Easter traditions followed during the celebrations in some nations. Here are 10 weird Easter traditions from around the world.

Shooting Easter Bunnies

The people of New Zealand celebrate Easter by hunting bunnies. A monetary reward is awarded to an individual who is able to shoot the most bunnies.


Not all nations celebrate with candy or chocolate; for some locations, nicotine is the desired item. In Papua New Guinea, small trees outside of churches are decorated with cigarettes and tobacco sticks. These are handed out after the Easter service.

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