We have moved from ‘Free love’ to ‘Safe sex’ in just a few decades. The need to wear a condom is greater than ever before, considering that most people have multiple sexual partners and there are more STD’s going around that are quite dangerous. Condoms have been jazzed up substantially to make them more appealing as well. You can chose various sizes, textures and flavors based on your tastes. Not only that, you can now pick up some truly bizarre condoms with strange designs from the market. Here is a list of 10 of the weirdest condoms you can buy.

Spray-On Latex

This truly strange alternative for a condom was invented by Jan Vinzenz Krause. Although this product isn’t freely available in the market yet, it involves placing your genitalia into a nozzle and spraying on some latex for extra protection.

Lollipop Condoms

Have you always loved lollipops as a child? Bet you never thought one would be involved when you are doing the nasty with some stranger you just met!

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