Minnesota entered the United States as the 32nd property back in 1858. It contains the 12th largest area and is the 21st-most populated state in the nation. It’s home to the famous Twin Cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul, a large amount of political interest, and it’s overall friendly environment. As friendly as it is, the state still isn’t devoid of stupid laws from its past. From not driving red cars to not allowing people to sleep naked, here are some of the dumbest ones we could find.

No Airplanes In City Parks

Unless people have a permit, they can’t start or land aircraft in city parks. This also includes air balloons, parachutes, and hang gliders.

Can’t Walk Down Alleyways

In Minneapolis, unless specially certified, the general public cannot walk down an alleyway. To be honest, who would want to walk down them in a bigger city anyway?

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