People these days are always jealous of those who have far more money in their lives, especially the children of those people, who appear to be given almost everything they want in life without working a day for any of it. These kids will never know hard work or having to live paycheck-to-paycheck like a lot of the work force. However, despite being immensely rich and well off, sometimes things do go wrong in life, and these wealthy heirs find themselves with their lives in tatters and without any help from those surrounding them. Here are ten wealthy heirs whose lives disintegrated before them.

Fred Trump III

Donald Trump, as the entire world already knows, is running for US president at the moment. Unfortunately, Fred Trump III, the eldest son of the Trump family, was supposed to take the reigns of the business, but fell into the vat of horror that is alcoholism.

Walker Inman

In 1993, tobacco heiress Doris Duke passed away, and she left her $1 billion estate to charity. Walker Inman was supposed to take over, though he was only left with a $7 million trust. Despite this money, Walker fell in to a life of drugs, with his addiction costing him everything.

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