The amount of compensation claims that are made every year has risen astronomically in the past two decades. This is largely down to the fact that more people know their rights and have access to affordable legal representation, giving them the opportunity to get monetary payments for any injuries or stress they have suffered. Many cases are straightforward but some can be much more complex, involving strange incidents that almost seem to odd to be true. However, just because a compensation claim is weird it doesn’t mean it can’t be taken to court to ensure justice is done.

Slippy Chip

One teacher suffered serious ligament damage to her knee in 1998 when she slipped on a chip that had been left on the floor of the canteen. Because it was so small and a similar color to the floor tiling, a judge felt that it would have been almost impossible for her to notice the piece of food and ordered the teacher to be paid $70,000 in compensation.

Horse Bites Lip

A woman from Stockport in the United Kingdom received $30,000 in compensation after a horse on a farm attacked her. She had been at the location to tend to her own animal when the horse lunged at her and bit her, taking a chunk of her lip off in the process. The judge ruled that the animal had become agitated after not being looked after properly and ordered its owners to foot the bill.

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