Science, technology, and the human ability to research effectively have all come a long way over the past few decades. Unfortunately, there are still so many unsolved mysteries out there that absolutely no one can figure out, no matter how hard they have tried in the past. Logical explanations, you would think, would come up, but so far not a single one has as of yet. Here are ten of the most well known unsolved mysteries in the entire world. Maybe one of you can figure out what truly happened on those fateful days.

The Taos Hum

Around the small town of Taos, New Mexico, a very specific buzzing sound can be heard just over the horizon. Many describe it as the sound of a distant diesel engine, but it can be heard with a naked ear, various sound detection devices, and more. The ‘Taos Hum’ still occurs, and no one knows how or why.

Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript was written so very long ago, and in a language that not a single scientist or language expert has been able to decipher for centuries. The only idea anyone has about the script comes from the random drawings throughout the book.

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