It is easy to distinguish between developing and developed countries without looking at any numbers or statistics. Just one look at the architecture in a city will tell you which phase of development a city is under. Modern cities that have crossed the threshold of development pride themselves on possessing unique buildings that have pushed the boundaries of design and architecture. There are many office buildings around the world that are truly distinctive in their design and have played a major role in the progression of architecture itself. Here is a list of 10 amazing buildings that have unique and creative architectural designs.

The Gherkin Building

This monstrous tribute to a phallus is known as the ‘Gherkin Building’. It can be found in London and the structure really manages to distinguish itself from the rest of the skyline in the city.

ING Headquarters

This is the headquarters of the mega-group ING in Amsterdam. The building looks like a cross-over between a spaceship and a zeppelin.

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