Every single year, thousands of people claim they have been abducted or simply contacted by an alien race. Despite the fact that not a single one of these alien contact stories have ever been verified by the rest of the world, it still keeps happening. Well, should it ever happen to the likes of you or your family, there are some things you should really know beforehand. Just remember, aliens can and will look like anything you could ever imagine, or maybe something that’s far beyond your imagination, after all, they’re alien. Here are ten unbelievable tips for meeting an alien.

Don’t Hide Your Valuables

Aliens are really, really smart, and have already mastered travel through the stars and various galaxies. Honestly, they probably have no interest in your gold, silver, your car, or anything else you keep dear to you – like the Xbox in your room. Don’t insult them by hiding it.

Don’t Threaten

Aliens will most likely have beams and laser weaponry, so your little pee-shooter won’t accomplish anything more than annoying them greatly. If they keep you alive, then that is wonderful, but don’t give the aliens a reason to hate you.

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