House fires can be absolutely devastating to families. Most of them are generated either by accidents or elements of nature that are out of the homeowner’s control. They’re as dangerous as they are breathtaking, but often result in thousands of dollars in damage, and unfortunately lives are lost all to often. It’s always tough to think about some people suffering from the fiery fate, but it leaves images that we’ll never forget. Haven’t seen any of these beasts in person? Here are some of the most amazing, and unfortunate, pictures of homes completely engulfed in flames.

Maple Ridge

A huge fire caused by a propane torch spread to five homes with four completely being destroyed. One of the houses was just recently occupied by new residents a few days before the flames.


Smoke erupts from a vacant home in Toledo. The cause wasn’t found out, but it was the seventh fire in a disastrous weekend for the local fire department.

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