Military units across the world use research and development in order to create new and terrifying weapons of human destruction. Everything from explosive dogs to killer rats and anything in between – they don’t even have to be animal-related. Some of the following items are actually incredibly genius, and could cause plenty of problems for the enemy forces. Unfortunately, some of these weapons never made it to the battlefield. The following ten weapons were designed to do damage to larger forces, and some were highly successful. Here are ten unbelievable military weapons.

Exploding Rats

During World War II, British secret agents would make use of Exploding Rats in order to take out rooms full of enemies. These agents would shove a pencil time fuse up the butt of the rat and send it in.

Anti Tank Dogs

During a particularly struggling time on the Eastern Front, the Red Army came to rely on dogs strapped with high explosives in order to deal with German tanks. These dogs, sadly, were sent in to die.

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