Much like arachnids, a lot of people tend to be quite terrified of scorpions. While it is true that many species of scorpion have a sting that can deliver a powerful burst of venom to the intended target, and their two crab-like pincers will hurt like hell when clamped down on bare skin, not all scorpions are that bad. Some make incredible pets, and people even let them wander inside of their mouths at times. Though, we do not recommend that unless you’re absolutely positive. Here are ten unbelievable facts about scorpions that you should definitely know before buying one.


Scientists have already discover over 1,750 different species of scorpions around the world. There are exactly 13 extant families that scientists and biologists have discovered already, but there could be more out there.


Every single scorpion in the entire world is venomous in some form, but only 25 species out of the over 1,700 have been found to feature enough venom capable enough to kill a grown human being.

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