The United States has been around a long time, in one form or another. Because of this, our system of government has been around for quite a while. Over the course of the country’s life there has been a change in what we find important and what we find illegal. Those changes mean that there are some laws on the books today that were written many, many years ago that are very, very odd. Despite the fact that almost every state in the union has a few weird laws, there are some that stand out from the crowd. Check out our list of 10 U.S. States with the strangest laws and let us know if you’ve seen something weirder.

Colorado Rock Mutliation

Colorado has protected the rocks in its state parks by making it illegal to mutilate them. While it makes sense the state would want to protect the beauty of its natural landscapes, putting someone in jail for breaking a rock seems like an overreaction.

Yelling While Passing In Rhode Island

Rhode Island has a law that you must pass other drivers on the left. This isn’t anything new. What is different is that you must also make a noise, with your mouth, not your car horn when you are passing.

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