2015 brought us a lot of drama, shock and overall wtf moments. We’ve witnessed Caitlyn Jenner rise, we’ve been there for another one of Kim Kardashian’s babies being born, we’ve even seen Australia getting Netflix. Madonna kissed Drake, kids did the The Kylie Jenner lip challenge and Kayne is running for president in 2020. Overall, it’s been an eventful year. We’ve gathered the most wtf of the wtf moments of 2015 in our list below. Let’s toast to an even weirder 2016.

When BBC News Had The Best Guest Ever

BBC News interviewed a dog on to the news channel after it was discovered that dogs can help detect prostate cancer.

When This Morning Reported On Vagina Facials

The British TV Show This Morning decided that reporting on Vagina Facials was a good idea. Even better, they thought it was a good idea to air it at 9.30 in the morning.

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