Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and even Elon Musk are considered some of the most brilliant men on the planet, but they are all absolutely terrified of artificial intelligence taking over the world one day. That is, unfortunately, a very real fear these days, as mankind is making more and more advances in the science and technology behind AI components and robotics. All it takes is for one robot to grow p*ssed off before they decide to form an uprising against humanity. We should all be terrified of that happening. Here are ten truly scary developments in AI.

Deceive And Cheat

Lying and cheating is actually a normal human behavior. It is universal. But robots are only just learning to do this all on their own. Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology developed a series of robots capable of cheating and deception towards others.

Taking Over Jobs

It is no secret that robots have begun taking over work a human being could be accomplishing. Within the US alone, there are already 250,000 robots performing work that a person once did. That is massive, and it will only increase in the coming years.

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