Unlike the lost cities of Atlantis or Lemuria, the ancient remains of a Greek city, known as Helike, were actually discovered in 2001. Hidden away under millions of gallons of water are the ruins and remnants of entire civilizations, cities, and even buildings that once stood proud and tall. Thankfully, in today’s world, we are capable of diving into the depths of the ocean and exploring these ruins. Given the opportunity, most of us would jump at the chance to explore these ruins, and here are ten incredible submerged ruins you may want to explore sometime, too.


Discovered back in 1996, researchers found the remains of a Mayan city once on an island that, due to either volcanic activity or possibly a landslide, sunk beneath the surface of a lake in Guatemala nearly 1700 years ago.

Cleopatra’s Palace

Lost over 1600 years ago, Cleopatra’s Palace is a temple that sunk into the waters of Alexandria. According to legend, the Romans destroyed absolutely everything, which then sunk into the water. Excavation work continues even today.

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