For the longest time, the majority of the world was terrified of a nuclear fallout if and when World War 3 hit the planet. To combat this type of violence, many governments decided to construct bomb shelters for the most important people in the country, or just in general for the people of the area. After a time, though, these shelters were abandoned and left in disarray. That is until prospective buyers came in and repurposed the piece of architecture to create something new and impressive. Here are ten truly impressive renewed bomb shelters.

Frankfurt Music Studios

Back in World War 2, Germany constructed various nerve centers for their command over the war. One of those was in Frankfurt, a major city in the country. Today, the bomb shelter has been turned into Frankfurt Music Studios, a bustling recording studio for today’s artists.

Bunker 559

Bunker 559 was once known as the New Dutch Waterline, and was a defensive shield for centuries against river-based invasions. Today, the bunker has been cross-sectioned to allow tourists to wander through and then pass over the water nearby.

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