With all of the recent sexuality debates going around the world, it should come as no surprise to everyone that even animals can be trans-gendered or multi-gendered. Charles Darwin, the renowned biologist who wrote entire books on evolution, proposed that due to competition amongst males for a female partner, some members of certain species have morphed their gender. In the eyes of an alpha male, this morphing allows the creature to appear as less of a threat. Here are ten animals that are trans-gendered or multi-gendered within the animal kingdom.

Marsh Harriers

Over 40 percent of Marsh Harriers will spend their entire lives with feathers that are seen on females. These males are about 30 percent smaller and lighter than normal males of the species.

Bluegill Sunfish

There are three different types of Bluegill Sunfish: parentals, satellites, and sneakers. Parentals will build nests and attract females. Satellites act and look like females, but are males and can release sperm. Finally, sneakers are the smallest, and are males pretending to be younger fish.

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