Halloween is a great time to indulge the child within each of us and pull out some pranks that have been in the works all year long. It is also a time when costumes are openly accepted in society, even more than Comic-Con. Wearing a store bought costume is easy, but planning and executing one that is edgy and topical is quite the art. Here is a list of 10 Halloween costumes that pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable this past year and sometimes fell off the cliff as well.

Donald Trump

There is no celebrity shaking up the airwaves the way Donald Trump has been the past few months. For better or worse, the Presidential candidate is on a roll and now seems like the best time to make fun of him for Halloween, before, you know, he becomes President of the United States.

Rainbow Mouth

The Rainbow mouth filter in Snapchat blew up this past season and it seems like the craze has even seeped into the Halloween season.

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