Eating at a fast food restaurant tends to mean you are in a rush or treating yourself to something a little greasy that day. Most people won’t eat the burgers and fries made by teenagers every single day, and there are plenty of good reasons why you should absolutely not be doing that. Of course, fast food restaurants don’t want you to know plenty of things, so here are ten that you should definitely know. Knowledge is power, after all, and after learning these facts, you may think twice about stopping to the drive-thru after work today.

Grill Marks

Those exquisite grill marks you see on your burger from McDonald’s or Burger King? Yeah, those aren’t real at all. In fact, the factory tends to put those on before they send the meat to your local restaurant for cooking.

French Fries

The French Fries you receive with your Happy Meal have probably been sitting in the fryer or the heating bin for quite some time. If you order without salt, though, it will force the restaurant to cook an entirely new batch.

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