Everyone loathes having to visit the doctor — and going to the hospital is about ten times worse. Despite our fear of these highly trained and learned individuals, doctors are experts known for their craft. They have spent a decade or more in school learning how to treat all manner of ailments. With that being said, there are still some things doctors will keep from you, unfortunately. Here are ten terrifying things your doctor won’t tell you. You’re going to want to know this before your next doctor’s visit.

Cancer Isn’t Always Cancer

Cancer is probably the single most terrifying diagnosis you could receive. However, the tests for cancer are actually known for receiving false positives. When you have a false positive, the doctor’s treatment for such an issue could be dangerous.

Vaccines Fail

We tend to receive a vaccine in order to prevent our bodies from getting the flu or some other passing ailment. However, doctors don’t explain to their patients that some of these vaccines actually fail the body before doing any good.

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