Statistics are used every single day as people analyze data and carry out research to investigate trends or find out more about the world. You will probably see some statistics every day of your life as they are used in advertisements and work all of the time. However, the vast majority of those that you see will simply be helpful or informative rather that frightening. But in some cases, the more you know about something the more terrifying it can be, and these statistics might just give you a little bit too much information that you didn’t want to know.

Watching Television Might Shorten Your Life

Studies have demonstrated that those who watch just two hours of television a day shorten their life expectancy by a significant 1.4 years. Watching more than that can mean you die up to five years before you otherwise would have.

CPR Isn’t Very Effective

Unlike television shows and movies that show CPR working almost every single time it is used, in real life, results can vary wildly. Estimates of how often CPR will actually help to save someone’s life range between 5% and 10%.

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