With the modern healthcare system becoming better with each day, hospitals are becoming a hub for innovation in mental and physical health. While we don’t like to go there, it is certain that these places help us get better in the long run and have a better life, increasing the longevity of humanity as a whole. However, hospitals and Asylums are still considered creepy enough as it is, and once they are abandoned there is a certain terrifying chill that crawls under your skin, especially considering the people who’ve died there out of illness or worse – have committed suicide. For one reason or another, these 10 hospitals and asylums have been abandoned and they will certainly terrify you!

Fort Totten Army Hospital

Sitting on a peninsula of the Long Island Sound in the northeast part of Queens, there is an abandoned military installations, which has over 100 historic buildings. One of them, the Fort Totten Army Hospital is the creepiest of them all, as even the photographer who went there to picture it later questioned his sanity.

Fairfield Hills State Hospital

A popular site among ghost enthusiasts and paranormal seekers, the abandoned Fairfield Hills State Hospital is full of mystery, creepiness and just a touch of strange beauty.

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