The tech world seemingly came out of nowhere in the last three decades and younger people especially seem to know everything these is to know about that particular business market. The reality is that the tech world has had some truly weird stories that have been the outliers but also one of the reasons the market was a market at all. There are all kinds of shocking stories when talking about some of the biggest Internet companies in the world, as well as some of the most popular gadgets. These stories will blow your mind because they show just how people were using the Internet when it was young and finding exploits that allowed them to show the funny side of the Web. Check out our list of 10 tech world facts that will blow your mind and let us know which one was the most surprising.

AOL Was Once The Internet King

While AOL is just another group of web pages these days, in the 1990’s the company was that era’s Google. Just how popular was the company? 50 percent of all CDs produced were AOL software CDs that allowed people to install the company’s software on their computers.

Google Wasn’t Always Internet Royalty

There was a time when Google almost didn’t get going. The company’s founders offered to sell the company to Excite for a little under $1 million in 1999 but Excite turned them down.

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