While movies and science fiction TV shows have long promised a future filled with autonomous machines and self-driving cars, it is only very recently that such vehicles are becoming more of a reality. The past several years have seen companies such as Google work tirelessly to create fully functioning cars that are able to operate entirely without a human driver. These autonomous cars will not only be much safer than those driven by people but will provide those who can’t drive with the means of travelling. Even though they have made headlines over the past couple of years though, there is still plenty of things you may not have known about them.

They Don’t Have A Steering Wheel Or Pedals

Despite the fact that it might seem obvious when you think about it, many people are surprised to learn that many autonomous vehicles don’t have steering wheels or pedals. The simple reason for this is that they simply don’t need them. This frees up space in the car and allows manufacturers to include other features that might not otherwise be possible.

They Are Coming Soon

Although they might seem far off in the future, the rapid advance of self-driving cars means that the technology is almost at a stage that they could soon be on the market for people to buy. Companies like Audi and Google are already making plans to introduce autonomous cars and hope that they will be in production within 10 years.

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