Over the last decade or so, Hollywood has had a habit of overstating how much damage can be done with computers. Films and television shows have often portrayed hackers as highly skilled computer agents who are able to gain access to any type of network and cause all sorts of problems with just a few clicks of a keyboard. Although that might seem farfetched, it is becoming true thanks to the fact that more and more devices are now connected to the internet and generally have very little security. This gives the opportunity to hackers to be able to take control of a myriad of devices, causing havoc in the process.


Although the vast majority of people probably wouldn’t have much need for an electronic toilet, some companies have begun to offer them to the public. They include features that can be controlled via special apps, yet the way many of them work leave them open to attack as anyone can take control of them if they are within Bluetooth range. Malicious users could then force the toilets to constantly flush or spray water out of the bowl, causing bills to rise and damage to the bathroom.


Printers are increasingly making use of Wi-Fi and internet access to make carrying out tasks much more convenient. This also makes them vulnerable to malicious software and attacks, especially considering that many printers only have weak encryption methods and little security. Hackers have previously shown how it is possible to permanently disable a printer, cause it to malfunction or even use it to steal information from documents being scanned or printed.

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