A new president will be entering the White House next year, one of the most prestigious places to live in the United States. We’ve all seen various depictions of the Oval Office and rooms where the president and other members make their speeches. But how well do you really know the historic building? Here are some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about the White House, including its worth and just how big it really is.

Wasn’t The White House Until 1901

It was simply known as various forms of the president’s “house” or “mansion” before Theodore Roosevelt gave it its eventual name. The house was first built back in 1792.

Tom Hanks Bought Coffee Maker

During a tour of the house in 2004, the actor noticed that press people didn’t have a coffee maker where they worked. He bought one then, and a new one when he visited again in 2010. At this point, he should consider giving another as it might be time for another change.

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